Leading to high achievements
Achieving the betterment
Better your TOMORROWS!

The Tomorrows’ Lab is a space in which we create new and brave visions and implement them into our reality, so that tomorrow will be far more favorable than today. Tomorrows are our nontrivial solutions that we devise and implement. We work creatively and ingeniously. We do not repeat patterns. We highly appreciate cooperation.

The Tomorrows’ Lab operates in order to develop well-informed and active participants in society by promoting the education and development of children, youth and adults. We promote and initiate a cooperation between non-governmental organizations, the education sector, public administration and business. We identify the needs in our local environment and implement effective solutions. We act professionally and outside the box.

The Tomorrows’ Lab Foundation was created with a passion for development, the courage to reach for what is yet unattainable. Do more, better and more accurately.

Founders specialize in the sector of education. They are creative experts. They have extensive experience in European projects, providing training, business management, research and animating the local actors. Previously established cooperation with entities of the third sector, business and administration, provides a solid background for the Foundation’s activities and creates a huge potential for the development of your TOMORROW today.

From the infinite capabilities we extract resources of energy, creativity and diligence.

We use them in the process of thinking outside the box.

Every side effect enriches our experience.

Every final product is our flagship testimonial.

Every single activity improves Your Tomorrows!

Our partners

Instytut Wschodnich Inicjatyw
International School for Social and Business Studies
OPC Consulting
ŚWSZ w Katowicach
Uniwersytet Śląski
West Lothian College